Chin Implant

  December 20, 2018

Chin Implant is the term given to any procedure performed to reshape, reduce or enlarge the chin. Procedures include inserting an implant or moving and reshaping the existing bone.

Chin Implant can be used to rectify asymmetry in the chin area, and also help to achieve overall balance of the facial features.

Why consider chin Implant?

People can have varied reasons for undergoing chin augmentation procedures. A common reason for some is a concern with the appearance of their facial features. The size of the chin can magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose. Therefore chin augmentation can help attain a more balanced facial profile.

The proposed chin Implant procedure can be a standalone procedure or performed in conjunction with other procedures such as jaw surgery.

People undergoing treatment for skeletal discrepancies linked to jaw surgery often have the option of surgery performed on the chin as part of the proposed treatment plan. Once the mandible/maxilla has been re positioned into the correct position the chin point can be off centre. Chin augmentation can rectify this, resulting in a symmetrical chin and a centered chin point.

There are circumstances where there are medical indications for some chin augmentation procedures. The genioplasty/geniopaully procedure results in a more prominent chin which pulls the attachment of the Geniohyoid muscle forwards. This forward movement results in an increase in airway “tenting”, therefore contributing to an improvement in airway volume and breathing.

Chin augmentation can improve the position of the muscle that runs from the chin to the lower lip (mentalis muscle) allowing the lips to meet without straining.

What types of chin augmentation procedures are there?

Chin implants are used to treat people who want to make their chin appear larger. They are traditionally made of silicon. They come in either small, medium or large sizes and are generic in shape, purchased “of the shelf” with no customisation for the individual.

Generic chin implants don’t sit “perfectly” on the surface of the existing chin. This will result in voids between the implant and bone and therefore may increase the risk of infection of the implant. This deficiency in the fit also makes the implant prone to shifting, often seen as a moving chin.

There have also been reports of erosion of the underlying bone due to muscle tension.

As the shape of the chin implant is symmetrical, they will not rectify an asymmetrical chin. They are also not designed to add significant vertical height to the appearance of the chin. As the implant sits on the existing jaw bone the shape of the underlying bone influences how the implant will look.

If a large implant is required it may be difficult to place from within the mouth, therefore an incision may need to be made under the chin. This may result in visible scarring.

If a patient elects to have a chin implant we prefer a customised implant that is made to fit the individual. We use to create an implant to address the specific needs of the patient, therefore enabling the correction of asymmetry.

People suitable for Chin Augmentation may include…

  • Imbalance in facial features
  • Prominent nose
  • Inadequate chin projection


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