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A dimpleplasty is a type of plastic surgery used to create dimples on the cheeks. Dimples are the indentations that occur when some people smile. They’re most often located on the bottoms of the cheeks. Some people may also have chin dimples.

Not everyone is born with this facial trait. In some people, dimples are naturally occurring from indentations in the dermis caused by the deeper facial muscles. Others may be caused by injury.

Regardless of their causes, dimples are regarded by some cultures as a sign of beauty, good luck, and even fortune. Due to such perceived benefits, the number of dimple surgeries has increased significantly in recent years.

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Creating dimples can be performed on any cheek at any place. Can discuss the placement of your dimples when you come in for your consultation.

Using local anesthesia, Doctor will make an incision on the inside of your cheek. There is no scarring or incision made on the outside of the skin. An absorbable suture is used in the process where the incision is made and where the dimple is desired. When tied closed, the suture creates the dimple. As the suture is absorbed and the wound heals, the scar tissue between the inner skin and the muscle creates a permanent dimple. The whole process takes about an hour to complete.

As you heal, your mouth will be swollen. You will be given pain medication and antibiotics for a couple of days to help with the healing. You will also be unable to eat solid food for a few days. A liquid diet is advised.

People have their own personal reasons for wanting dimples.

Dimples are formed naturally when there is a defect in the muscle of the cheek (the buccinators muscle). The skin overlying this defect is attached to the deeper soft tissue of the cheek which causes an indentation when facial expressions change, like smiling. While many people are born with multiple dimples, others may only have one or none at all. However, dimples can be surgically created for those with a strong desire to have them.

Dimple creation is achieved by recreating the defect in the cheek muscle. To accomplish this, Plastic Surgeon makes a small incision inside the mouth to access the interior of the cheek and then removes a tiny piece of the cheek muscle. An absorbable suture is then used to adhere the underside of the cheek skin to the newly-created defect in the cheek muscle. The incision inside the mouth is closed with one or two absorbable stitches.

After the sutures dissolve, the skin appears normal, but beneath the skin, the necessary connection to the cheek muscle is being created. Once healing is complete, you should see the desired dimples when you smile.

Dimple creation surgery can be performed on any type of cheek, whether chubby or skinny. By removing different amounts of cheek muscle, Doctor can customise your dimples to match the appearance of the rest of your facial features and can be made slightly smaller or larger depending on your desires.

The surgery will take approximately an hour and local anesthesia will be used. The effect of local anesthetics lasts for a period of up to two hours. You will be able to resume normal activities right after the procedure. A liquid diet for the first few days is advised, though you can technically still eat solid food.

After Facial Plastic Surgery you may experience minimal swelling that usually lasts for a few days. Pain killers and antibiotics will be prescribed to you to help with the healing process.

You will need to follow the aftercare instructions Plastic Surgeon gives you. This usually involves regularly rinsing your mouth with an oral antiseptic solution. Following any food or drink, you must remember to gargle with the antiseptic to keep your mouth clean. Results are permanent.

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