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Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Hair Transplant in Bangalore , 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by age 35 and 65% by age 60. Why does hair loss occur?
Your hair loss has little or nothing to do with shampooing, hats, or any other practices. Hair loss is largely genetic.

Hair transplant in Bangalore is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding, (like the back of the head) are transplanted to the bald scalp.

Hair Transplantation can also be used to restore eyelashes, Eyebrows Transplantation, Beard Transplant, chest hair transplant, pubic hair transplant and to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgery such as face-lifts and previous Hair Transplants.

Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Nowadays age is not the criteria for hair problems, everyone is so busy concentrating on their career and profession, people are no longer realizing the importance of taking care of their health.As the busy working young generation is under stress and fatigue, so many people in Bangalore are faced with issues of hair loss and baldness. But we have experts who found a way to best resolve these issues and that is by means of a hair transplant.

If you are one of those who suffer from hair loss, you might be too eager by now to undergo the hair transplant. It’s your rights to get knowledge before you book your treatment, read the following so you will know what a hair transplant surgery exactly do and this is also to give you an idea on the hair transplant cost in Bangalore.

We are the best hair transplant centre in Bangalore because of our treatment procedure and benefits provided to our patients. Here we are, one of the most advanced hair transplant clinics in Bangalore, with one of the best teams, trained especially in hair transplant procedures. We are not unique hair transplant clinic in Bangalore but we come up with some of the best solutions.

Beaming with pride amid corporate vibes of the magnificent Silicon Valley of India, Curls & Curves Bangalore continues to transform the lives of people through its advanced hair transplant procedures and infrastructure . we are Situated Opposite to Variar Bakery on West of Chord Road (service road) Rajajinagar,
Once known as the Garden City of India, Bangalore or Bengaluru is now recognized as one of the hippest, most stylish cities in the country. This is where the IT hub of the country is, this is where some of the classiest and poshest malls are and this is also the city, where the people are extremely conscious about the way they look. So, it was a natural progression for Curls & Curves Clinics to open their clinic in this city. Run under the aegis of Dr Girish A.C, Curls & Curves is now bringing the best hair transplant or restoration services to Bengaluru. From hair transplant to recreation of eyebrows and moustaches, there is little that Curls & Curves Clinics does not offer. Hair Transplant in Bangalore is not going to cut your pockets if you are at Curls & Curves Clinics. We provide you treatment at affordable cost with EMI option.

The few Common Questions People Ask About the Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Causes for Hair Loss in Younger People?

Hair loss can happen for all sorts of reasons, for example, it can be related to diet, exercise, illness, stress, disease, or hereditary causes.Hair loss at any age can be upsetting, but it can be especially stressful in younger men and women who never expected to struggle with this particular problem at this stage in their lives.

I am about to go bald – will hair transplantation help me?

Yes, sure, Hair transplantation surgery is the best and only solution to your problem. The process would involve taking out some “good hairs” from a donor area in your scalp and then replanting them on the bald areas. This is the only process is already being used all over the world, and you will find lots of doctors in Bangalore that offer this kind of treatment. But experts only do the best job in hair transplantation in Bangalore.

View the Hair Treatment Before & After Photos.

what will be the Hair Transplantation Cost in Bangalore?

The cost for hair transplant in Bangalore will vary according to many factors, although one thing is for sure – it is way cheaper as compared to the cost of hair transplant surgery in other countries. The best that you see an expert doctor in advance for a consultation so you will know what your options are and in order for you to have an idea on the hair transplant cost in Bangalore.

How much time do I need to be in Clinic after the surgery is done?

Hair transplantation is the one-day procedure. It can be done on an outpatient basis, so you really don’t need to stay in the Clinic after such treatment. The procedure will not take that long and it usually is done within four to eight hours only according to the requirement of graft implanted for the patients.

After how many days I can see the difference in my scalp?

The difference will start showing after few days but The marked difference will usually be noticed within 16 weeks right after the procedure is done. Sometimes, it could take up to 9 months before all the hair will be fully grown.

Is it painful?

Our special technique of providing local anesthesia makes sure that there is hardly any pain during the procedure. Even after the procedure, there is mild discomfort only. A simple Paracetamol tablet is good enough to take care it.

What will be the Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore?

Curls and Curves offer best competitive Hair Transplant cost in Bangalore and it is value for money. Hair Transplant cost in Bangalore is cost effective when compared to the cost of Hair Transplant in other countries. The cost for Hair Transplant Surgery will depend on a number of grafts to cover the bald area and also the technique FUT / FUE offered. so it is important that examination decides the cost and here we charge for the procedure rather than the number of grafts which is a confusion factor for the client. sometimes cost will be decided once the client sends his pics by mail or WhatsApp. Finally, the Curls and Curves assures Best Possible result which is Value for Money & Professional. We have all types of Payment modes through Debit card, Credit card and Online.GST as per Government of India.

You might have other questions that were not covered by this article. The best thing that you can do is to do your research online, or better see a doctor now and schedule for a consultation appointment.Go ahead and fill the enquiry form now so that we can get you the best hair transplant in Bangalore and affordable hair transplant cost in Bangalore. Call us for FREE assistance to help you plan. Our team can help you provide quality hair loss treatment solutions in low cost.

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