FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant

FUE vs FUT: Comparing Hair Transplantation methods


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People nowadays ready to go for Hair Transplantation because they want to look beautiful at the same time it gives you the 100% confidence in the social environment.


But people struggle to choose Best Hair Transplantation method for them. Most of the online blogs debating this topic but they fail to gives an ideal solution for visitors.


As a Hair Transplantation surgeon, I used to spend my free times on reading online blogs. Finding the best blog in cosmetic surgery is a very tedious process for you but it will take time to find niche one and stick to it. Because some of the best blog writings I got on the second page of the Google search results.


The intention of this blog post to make hair transplant clients to understand this topic thoroughly. Because i went through this FUE vs FUT debate in my hair transplantation centre many times with clients.

Before coming into the consultation clients get complete knowledge about the treatment from online blogs but some websites fail to give an exact answer. So this misconception happens.


FUE and FUT Both are best hair transplantation methods, its best to consider the Hair transplantation surgeon advice to choose an ideal one.


We also providing Women Hair Transplantation method.



Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method of extracting or “harvesting,” donor hair in a follicular unit hair transplant procedure.

In FUE hair transplant surgery, an instrument is used to make a small, circular incision in the skin around a follicular unit, separating it from the surrounding tissue. The group is then extracted (pulled) directly from the scalp, leaving a tiny open hole.

  The detailed FUE procedure read this page.


The FUT process involves removing a small strip of tissue from the back of the head, from which the donor hair follicles will be extracted.

The hair follicles are harvested from the strip by a skilled clinical team before being individually transplanted to the recipient areas.

In most cases, and especially cases of advanced hair loss, FUT is the preferred method because it allows the physician to fully utilize the scalp area to deliver results consistent with patient expectations. FUT typically allows for the greatest number of grafts to be transplanted in a single session.

The detailed FUT procedure read this page.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of hair transplants is dependent on many different factors. These include:

Anesthesia fees

Hospital or surgical facility costs

Medical tests

Post-surgery garments

Prescriptions for medication

Surgeon’s fee

Where you live

The type of procedure you choose

The skill of your surgeon

How much hair you want transplanted

Hair transplantation cost in Bangalore, India at Curls & Curves Hair Transplantation centre starts from 70,000INR to 120,000INR. Its depend on the type of the Hair Transplantation method you choose and GST (tax) applicable.

Cost of Hair Transplant in America or United States

The cost of a hair transplant is highly variable on a number of different factors, and typically ranges anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000.

Your satisfaction involves more than a fee. When choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area for Hair Transplantation Treatment, remember that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final cost of the surgery.


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