Liposuction Obesity Surgery TV Interviews

BTV News Channel

Scientific way to get rid of Obesity -
B Healthy-21st August 2014

Janashree News

Scientific Solution for Obesity - Fit & Fine - 7th April 2014

A Live Program in Janashree News Channel by Dr.Girish.A.C explaining the perfect scientific solution for Obesity.

A live program about Obesity & its Permanent Solutions by Dr. Girish.A.C in Janashri News Channel.

Public TV

Obesity & Its Permanent Solution through Liposuction - Nithya Sanjeevini - 6th October 2014

Samaya TV

Fat Removal - Ladies Voice - 30th Janaury 2014

Sankara TV

A Program about Obesity & its Prevention by Dr. Girish.A.C in Sri Sankara TV Channel

Udaya TV

Obesity & Its Permanent Solution through Liposuction Doctor's LIVE - 30th September 2014

Obesity and Its Permanent Solution Doctor's LIVE - 26th August 2014

Scientific Solution for Obesity Doctor's LIVE - 10th June 2014

A LIVE Program by Dr Girish A C about 'Liposuction & Its Advantages' in Udaya News Doctor's Live Program on 27-1-15


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