Obesity Surgery FAQ Videos

What are the usual causes of Obesity?

What is the scientific basis of Obesity & solutions for it?

What is the role of diet & exercise in the management of Obesity?

What is Liposuction & how does it help for the treatment of Obesity? Are there any side effects!?

Who are the candidates for Liposuction?

Are Liposuction results permanent?

Are there any side effects of Liposuction?

What is the post care after Liposuction?

What is staged liposuction?

For which body parts liposuction can be done?

How much weight loss can be expected after liposuction?

Advantages of power assisted liposuction over regular mechanical liposuction?

Non surgergical ways to manage obesity

What is high defination liposuction? What is the post care ?

what is childhood obesity?

What is body mass index & its significance? Are there any side effects?

What are different types of fat?


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