5 Important Things to choose your Hair Transplant

  July 30, 2018

We all living in the era of aesthetic centuries, people are like to look better in terms of Beauty, Clothing and on everything.

In this way the Human hair playing a major role in their beauty that’s why people spending a lot and lots of money to maintain their hair in terms shampoos, hairdressing, hairstyle colouring, etc..,

But 40% of people struggle to retain their hair because of Hair loss,

Baldness is the one of the main reason for losing many more opportunities in their life and it makes you lose self-confidence in social engagements.

Now we got the solution for this baldness problem using the method of hair transplantation but people fail to choose their best surgeon for their hair treatment and be aware of fake Doctors in your city (Note: this kind of people make you entice with glitter words like Low cost, short time procedure, and best results )

The following steps will help you to choose the best hair transplant surgeon for your treatment.

1) Make sure Board certified surgeon.

We already mentioned about fake Doctors but if you are planning for hair transplant in your city then try to do some simple research from your side. The best way is to check their website about Doctor Education and his experience in this field. It’s also helpful to ask suggestion from your friends and neighbours in your area

The Best advice is checking their Google Review about surgeon and Clinic is the very good idea. It’s advisable from experts.

2) Choosing your HT procedure

There are two types of technique in hair transplantation treatment.


FUE is Follicular Unit Extraction is one type of hair transplant procedure in this method hair follicles are taken from the donor area and transplanting to the recipient area by the help of making tiny incisions in donor part of your head mostly from the back side of the head

FUT is also called stripe method. In this method, small stripe has taken from your donor area and hair grafts are taken from this stripe.

the best idea is to ask your surgeon suggestion for the best method for your health and highest results.

3) Testimonials and Reviews

In this online world, we can easily select the perfect product from reviews and testimonials from the clients.

make sure about their customer reviews and client testimonials about particular hair transplant centre. it will take just 20minutes for you to take a survey.

Please don’t trust third-party review websites like just dial and suleka, etc.., the best idea to check their Google reviews, it’s 100% genuine reviews.

4) Before and After Photos

Ask the surgeon about previous clients photos like before and after surgery photos. Usually, surgeons will take clients photos for their future treatment and record information.

You can instantly judge about their quality of service and treatment. It’s one of the best way to choose the best hair transplantation centres

5) Final Cost, Cost and Cost

Quality service always costs you something; Good surgeons always put their best effort to achieve the best results. Same way the price for their effort cost you some. That’s why Apple products cost you more compared to China products.

Don’t believe in fancy words from fake Doctors and low standard clinic. They put words like low-cost treatment, discounts, low price for grafts and best results.

It’s very to important to get the best results comparing to the final cost. The cost is a one-time process but hair transplant result is the lifetime value for you.


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