Myths & Facts Of Nose Reshaping - Rhinoplasty

Myth: Nose deformity by birth cannot be corrected.
Fact : Nose deformity by birth can be corrected by RhinopNose Joblasty and difficulty in breathing by Septoplasty.

Myth: Traumatic/Accidental nose deformity/defect cannot be corrected.
Fact : Traumatic/Accidental nose deformity/defect can be corrected by Rhinoplasty.

Myth: Nose Job worsens the deformity.
Fact : Nose Job improves and corrects various deformities of the nose which will suit their face.

Myth: Nose Job results are immediate.
Fact : After Nose Job there will be swelling which improves by 70% after three weeks, 80% after 3 months 90% after six months and 100% results is revealed at the end of 1year.

Myth: After Rhinoplasty one can start working from next day.
Fact : After Rhinoplasty there will be dressings over the nose for 1-2 weeks, which can be covered by a facial mask. They can resume their work from 3rd day onwards.

Myth: Nose Reshaping leaves behind scars.
Fact : Scars are hidden and it does not reveal after 2 weeks.

Myth: Nose Job is painful.
Fact : Nose Job is done under general anesthesia, thereby no pain. Post-op pain is not much.


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