Myths & Facts – Gynaecomastia

Myth: Gynaecomastia is caused by hormonal imbalance.
Fact : Most common cause is hereditary, sometimes exact cause is not known. It is physiological change (normal) between 14-18 years, it reduces in many but few will have same size or increase in size causing embarrassment situation.

Myth: Gynaecomastia can be controlled by medicines.
Fact : Gynaecomastia cannot be controlled by medicines.

Myth: Gynaecomastia is controlled by gym work.
Fact: In Gynaecomastia there is more resistant fat & gland enlargement, thereby gym work is of no use as gland can’t be reduced.

Myth: Gynaecomastia left alone has no harm.
Fact: Gynaecomastia left alone for long time causes male breast cancer in 1% of the cases.

Myth: Surgery has side effects.
Fact: Surgery is a day care, discharge on the same day, can attend work from next day. Initially liposuction done to remove excess fat & then excess gland is excised.

Myth: After surgery Recurrence is common.
Fact: Surgery gives permanent masculine flat chest.

Myth: Surgery leaves behind scars / painful.
Fact: No much scars & pain is tolerable.

Myth: Gynaecomastia can be adjusted.
Fact: Gynaecomastia is an embarrassing situation, one can’t remove the clothes for swimming, participate in social activities, can’t wear tights. Gynaecomastia need not be adjusted as it can be corrected by surgery.


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