Myths & Facts – Breast Reduction

Myth: Breast size can be reduced by using tight brassieres.
Fact : Breast size cannot be altered/reduced by using tight brassieres.

Myth: Breast size can be reduced by exercise/diet.
Fact : Breast size cannot be reduced by exercise/diet as the breast is made up of breast gland & resistant fat. It needs surgery.

Myth: Breast size can be reduced by creams & other medicines.
Fact: Medicines / Creams have no role to decrease the size of the breast.

Myth: Surgery is painful.
Fact: Breast Reduction is one-day surgery with tolerable pain, controlled by drugs.

Myth: Breast Reduction leaves behind scars.
Fact: There is one vertical hairline scar which fades away over a period.

Myth: Breast Reduction reduces milk production.
Fact: Breast Reduction may reduce milk production by 25% which can be managed by alternate medicines.

Myth: Breast Reduction causes Breast Cancer.
Fact: Breast Reduction reduces existing chances of Breast Cancer by removal of the excess breast.

Myth: Breast Reduction requires prolonged hospitalisation.
Fact: It is one-day surgery; clients can attend the routine work from 3 days. Breast settles to normal size & shape by 2-3 months.

Myth: Recurrence happens after surgery.
Fact: Recurrence will not happen, but normal changes with age will happen.


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