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Seven steps to arrange for your Surgery

The first step in seeking Cosmetic Surgery at our centre is obviously seeking our first consultation. If you are anywhere near our centre, you are welcome to call us up 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. IST (Tel +91 8088400400, +91 9448571216 or +91 9008031216) for an appointment.

If you are overseas, or far away from us, we suggest you run through all the steps given underneath and have a convenient appointment fixed up for surgery the day after you arrive at our centre. The steps are as follows:

Write to us and explain in brief your problem. If possible, attach a picture of yours too so that we know what your problem is like. Once you get our response to your initial email query, and if you still happen to have any further query, do write back to us. But this time, send us a reply to your first query. This way we can keep a trace of you, and your letter does not get mixed up with the scores of queries we receive every week. Hopefully, you shall receive your reply as early as possible. If not, please do not hesitate to send us a copy of your letter again.

If you are emailing your picture to us, please ensure that it is not over 2MB in size, and it should preferably be in the *.jpg format. Every area of the body needs to be assessed by a particular set of pictures taken in different views. Check our procedures to see an example of what sort of pictures you need to send us for assessment of your nose or face.

Once we are clear on what your problem is, and you have our opinion on the sort of surgery to be done, ask us for our rates or fee that is likely to be incurred. Please proceed further only if the rates are suitable for you. You must browse over the Costs given on our web-site to gather what sort of expenditures are likely. Please be informed about the mode of payment as well.

You now need to undergo some basic tests before the surgery. To save time, you could get them done at your own place too, and even convey to us by email all your test reports, so that we cross check for you whether they are in order or not. The tests you need to run through are the following Haemogram/ Complete Blood Counts/ ABO Group & Rh Typing/ Blood Urea Nitrogen and Creatinine/ Blood Sugar or Glucose Tolerance Test/ Thyroid profile/ Lipid profile/ Serum for Australia Antigen (HBs Ag EIA)/HIV 1 & 2 Ab EIA/ VDRL/ Urine Analysis Other tests for confirming your fitness for general anesthesia also require Electrocardiogram and Chest X-Ray. Please consult your family Physician or doctor in your area to confirm that the results are in order and that you are in a fit general condition to undergo surgery. While it is always a good idea to get the tests done before travelling here, we can conveniently get them done here in case it is not possible for you at your own place.

Please go through the Consent Form that is attached here as a word document, and be prepared to sign the same or a similar document before your surgery. You shall need a VISA to enter India and before buying a ticket, please make sure other formalities are done at your end. Some countries, including the USA, have the requirement of taking vaccinations for hepatitis A & B, typhoid and a polio booster, plus a prescription for anti-malarial pills.

In case you are new to India and feel you cannot make it to our Hospital on your own, you can ask us beforehand for our Escort Services. You have to inform us the correct date, time and flight number and airlines you are travelling by to us in advance. We shall email you the details like mobile number and even a picture of the escort beforehand. The escort shall receive you at the Bangalore Airport, holding up a placard at the reception lounge. He shall have you transferred to Accommodation for an overnight stay till the next morning. This is if the flight arrives sometime in the dead of the night. The next morning, the escort shall then accompany you to Bangalore by taxi, so that you are not put to any inconvenience looking up a transport and accommodation on your own in an unfamiliar city.

We have an Online Transfer Facility,  Online Transfer Before coming or Payment can also be done once you visit the Center.

Please see if you are competent to travel on your own to our centre. Some Guidelines have been provided here for your convenience. You can inform us which dates you need an appointment for. Please get a confirmation from us about our availability during the period you want to come to us. Only then you should get your travel arrangements finalised. And it is imperative that once you have booked, you must inform us the final date of your arrival to us at our centre.


From Your Country

You first have to arrange a VISA to be able to travel from your country to India. There may be even some immunisation formalities as well. In case you require a prior letter from us for obtaining your VISA for treatment, you can request us for the same. After obtaining your VISA, you may book your ticket with any airlines. You have to come to Bangalore, which is the closest international airport too. Next, inform us of the travel schedule so that we know the time when to expect you.

For International Clients – Planning your travel to Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India is now well connected by international flights from United States, Europe, Middle East and the Far East with daily flights. One should have a valid passport to travel to India. Please ensure that you have a validated passport issued by the Govt. of your country. You can locate the local Indian consulate or Indian Embassy from the “Mission & Posts” section of Indian Government’s website Indian Foreign Affairs The website of the Indian Embassy or Consulate in your home country will have all the information about applying for Indian Visa.


1. We will issue a formal letter to you about coming to India for medical treatment. You can attach a copy of this letter with your visa application.
2. Our travel agent also help you in planning a sightseeing trip after your surgery. Please ask for the details of the same separately.

By Air

The air route to Bangalore, You can book your own flight online. Upon receiving information from you, we shall arrange to pick you up from the airport at Bangalore.

For Indian Clients – Planning your travel to Bangalore

Bangalore is well connected with all the major cities of India via Flight, Train and Bus. Please discuss with us about your treatment in detail so that we can suggest the best option that suits your need.

How to reach us from Bangalore

Once you decide to go for the treatment, please inform us about your travel plans. Please do try to provide this information at least two weeks in advance. We request you make 20 % of the total cost as an advance payment towards booking of the surgery. Bank details will be provided via email.

By Road

1. By Bus
2. By Cab
3. Prepaid taxi at Airport
4. Uber
6. Meru cab
7. Ola cab


India has emerged as an important destination for Cosmetic surgeries. This is due to high-quality treatment and care at affordable prices. Curls & Curves Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery Center is located in Bangalore, the IT capital of India. Travelling for a surgery to any country is an important decision one makes. We would like to help you to make that decision. Please find all the details of services we offer to out of the station (India) and International Clients.

Getting in touch with us

Send your query by filling up contact us form or you can email to, mentioning the service you want more details about. Also, send in the details of your present medical condition. Please make sure that you have filled in your phone number and email address correctly. Within 24 hours you will get the initial response and we might ask you to send more detailed medical information, in case it is required. The cost of the procedure and other information pertaining to your travel can be discussed and finalised before you leave.
Details of the Treatment you choose after receiving details from your end, we would send the estimated cost of the cosmetic surgery. You can clarify all your doubts about the treatment before you decide to travel.

At Curls & Curves Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

We will ensure that you are taken care of, while you are at Curls & Curves Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Complete guidelines on treatment and recovery will be provided to you.

After you return back home

While you follow up on the post care instruction given by us and progress towards speedy recovery, please share all your records with your local physician enabling him/her to monitor your progress and advise you from time to time. If you need any help or advice, you can contact us through e-mail or Whatsapp.

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